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August 19, 2015

What is social media marketing?


What do social media websites Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogspot and WordPress all have in common? They are all ranked in’s top twenty websites (Facebook and YouTube are ranked 2nd and 3rd, respectively). Hollywood has been using social media to hype its products for years, while Old Spice and BlendTec have both reinvented their brand identities with successful social media marketing.

Social media websites are amongst the most popular on the Internet. YouTubing is the modern day equivalent of channel-hopping, with the added bonus that YouTubers can interact with the content provider by “Liking” and exchanging comments. Social media optimization (SMO) is all about harnessing the word-of-mouth momentum that social media can generate.

Here are some of the things that make SMO packages so effective:

Improve your online visibility: Just by engaging in social media, you are putting your business in some of the biggest “shop windows” on the Internet. Social media users visit their accounts several times a day, each time giving you with an opportunity to present your business to them.

Interactivity: One of the things that separates social media campaigns from traditional marketing is the opportunity for direct interaction. There are few better ways to increase brand reputation than developing a rapport with your customers and potential customers.

Permission to speak, sir!: Once people start “liking” or “following” your business, you have their permission to share with them whatever you think they need to know. From a local gaming store announcing its next delivery to a band sharing footage of its international arena tour, regular and meaningful updates are a must when developing a positive brand image online.

Going viral: We’ve all heard this expression. When your YouTube video is being likened to the Black Death, you know your SMO package was money well spent. The great thing about going viral is that you’re not doing the work — your customers are! And, it’s 100% organic, natural traffic, which is Google’s favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Of course, not every social media package will be as powerful as Old Spice Odor Blocker, but even a modest campaign can freshen up your brand.



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